10 Essentials To Keep In Your HGV Or Truck

August 17, 2022 0 Comments

1. First Aid Items

Drivers are legally required to carry a first aid kit in their cab – but even if this wasn’t the case having some basic first aid supplies at hand is simply good practice for HV/Truck drivers. Small injuries do happen on the road so make sure that your first aid kit contains items such as an assortment of plasters, large dressings (and some safety pins), disinfectant wipes, and disposable medical gloves. Antihistamine cream is also a good idea to cope with insect bites.

2. A Simple Emergency Kit

Accidents are called accidents for a reason – they are completely unexpected. Make sure that you have the equipment to cope. A de-icer, a torch (battery power and rechargeable are both great), jump leads, spare batteries, and some simple tools like pliers 9 more on that later).

3. Supplies for Personal Hygiene

Taking care of yourself on the road is important – feeling good and healthy makes each trip a little bit more pleasant. Take along some spare clothes, a nail clipper, hand sanitiser, and sunblock. A toilet roll is absolutely essential.

4. Staying Comfortable

Long trips mean that your cab is going to be your home for an extended period. Making sure that it is a comfortable environment is important as probably mentioned to you before you got your cat c licence . A handheld vacuum, some household cleaner, an assortment of clothes and wipes – and of course your sunglasses will make the journey more pleasant.

5. Ensuring Your Safety – Essential Equipment

Unfortunately, even the most well-maintained HGV or truck is probably going to break down at some point (and probably at the most inconvenient spot). Make sure that you have equipment that will keep you safe while you wait at the side of the road for help. High visibility cones and a high visibility jacket are essential. Pack a blanket (and a travel pillow) – you never know when the temperature is going to dip or you might have to spend the night in your cab.

6. Essential Tools

No one is expecting you to lug around a full tool kit – but some essential tools are always great to have at hand. the essential multitool should be at the top of the list, but pack a screwdriver and perhaps some duct tape – and those pliers. Things may need tightening or spring a leak.

7. Loading and Unloading Essentials

Much of your time as a driver will be spent on the road – however you are also going to have to plan for a fair amount of loading and unloading – make sure that you have the right kit to keep you safe. A hard hat, sturdy gloves, work boots, and clear goggles to protect your eyes are all good ideas.

8. Maps

You may have the latest smartphone and enjoy its ability to use GPS and give you the best route to your destination – but technology isn’t infallible – or always reliable. Make sure that you have some of those tried and proven paper maps at hand. they can mean the difference between keeping to a delivery schedule and an annoyed client.

9. Eating and Drinking

Sometimes it can be tempting to ignore your own health while you focus exclusively on the end destination – but eating and drinking properly is the key to long-term health – and maintaining energy levels. Take along a small cooler that can keep drinks cold and ensure that small food items such as sandwiches are kept fresh. Have a handy supply of healthy and nutritious snacks. A small camping stove can make unforeseen overnight stops a little more pleasant.

10. Entertainment

You may encounter significant periods where you do nothing but ‘hurry up and wait’. Aside from your smartphone or tablet keep some magazines at hand – A good book is a great idea – and perhaps that handheld video game. Who says you can’t have a bit of fun while waiting around?