5 Reasons To Invest In Window Blinds

August 22, 2022 0 Comments

Windows have multiple functions in the house; they allow natural light in, enable occupants to see outside or the neighborhood, and help improve your home’s aesthetics and value. Window treatments, especially blinds, provide a fast and easy way to spice up an otherwise flat-looking room/house. With so many styles and options, you can use blinds such as aluminium Venetian blinds to add colour and warmth to your home. Outlined below are five benefits and reasons to invest in window blinds.

1. They Are Strong and Durable

Window blinds are considerably sturdier and stronger than other types of window treatments. They thus aren’t easily damaged by water, mould, or heat, which is unlike drapes and curtains. For this reason, blinds are the most preferred and recommended window treatments for areas prone to high moisture levels, such as bathrooms and the kitchen. Most blinds are moisture resistant, meaning water droplets will simply drip off instead of holding them in. Cleaning blinds is as easy as wiping off any moisture, dust, or dirt that might have accumulated. Vertical blinds are even easier to clean since the dirt, debris, or water drips off under gravity.

2. They Offer Complete Privacy

You can adjust the blinds manually to allow as much light as possible while providing the privacy you need in your home, room, and or office. You can close the blinds entirely for absolute privacy, mainly if your window is adjacent to a busy street or you have a nosey neighbour. This is one of the reasons blinds are the go-to option when looking for complete privacy and security indoors.

3. Block Harmful Sun Rays

Unlike glass and fabric materials, blinds do not allow harmful sunrays through when closed completely. They also perform exceptionally well on hot sunny days by preventing heat from entering the house. Louvre or wooden blinds are opaque and do not absorb the sun’s energy or heat. They thus help block, reduce, and even divert harmful sun rays from the window, protecting your expensive furniture, sofas, and chairs from prolonged exposure to harmful sun rays. This again helps preserve the look and feel of your furniture and other items in the house.

Blocking harmful sun rays (UVA and UVB) from entering your home also safeguards you from eyestrain and migraines caused by the same. All you have to do is adjust the blinds to allow the natural light through, but not direct rays. They are thus the perfect treatment if looking to make your room more comfortable for watching the TV or studying.

4. Saves energy

Installing blinds on all windows can see you save lots of energy in the long run. In their shut position, blinds create a microclimate in your home by preventing heat gain/loss, depending on the time of the day or season. For instance, shutting the blinds in cold weather reduces heat loss, enabling the central heater to work optimally without straining. Opening the blinds a crack to allow light and fresh air in, especially in summer, helps keep the room/house cool without risking heat gain.

5. They Give Your Room a Stylish Look and Feel

Although an easy and affordable window treatment, blinds give your home a rich and luxurious look and feel. You can choose the different designs and colours on the market to make the room/home even more beautiful and classy. The best thing about this is that you can find blinds fitting your budget. There’s thus no need to spend more than you have to decorate your home when affordable window blinds can do the trick.