How to Stay Safe on Your Night Out

Girls having a night out party
August 19, 2022 0 Comments

If you are a student, you probably go to clubs every week, go to pubs with your friends, or just go out every week.

If you are planning to go out with your friends, you need to consider some things before going out. If you are going to take alcohol, you have to protect yourself throughout the whole night.

Before You Go Out

Once you decide to go out, you probably think of what is playing and who you are going to meet. If you’re in London, you can go for a reliable London party venue hire to arrange your private party. You, however, need to do some things before going out.

If you can do the following things, you will stay safe on your night out.

  • Charge your phone before leaving your home
  • If you are planning to carry cash, withdraw the cash from the cash point during the day to avoid using the cash point at night
  • Put your valuables, such as ID and keys, in a safe place to avoid losing them
  • Avoid keeping your wallet in your back pocket
  • If you are bringing a bag, do not leave your bag unattended
  • If you are meeting for pre-drinks in one of your friends’ places, do not drink too much alcohol. It is fine to drink alcohol in moderation.
  • If you are drunk, you will become vulnerable. You can even become an easy target for criminals.

If you want to invite strangers to your house for pre-drinks or even after going out, you have extra careful. Too much alcohol can affect your normal decisions. It can, therefore, put you into trouble or at risk.

Stay with Your Friends

It is not always easy to stick with your friends in a club. If you can stay with your friends, you are more likely to remain safe. Here is how you can stick with your friends:

  • Pre-book your journey and use licensed cabs to the town and back to your house
  • Tell your mates where you want to go before you go to the bar or the toilet
  • If you are splitting from your group, you need to leave with one of your friends
  • Use a group chat to stay in touch with your friends throughout the night
  • If you are not seeing one of your friends, send a message to your friends in your group chat
  • Once you decide to go home, you can leave together and ensure everyone gets home safely

Drink Safely

If you are planning to go out with your friends, you will probably drink alcohol. It is nice to have drinks with your friends. Do not, however, overdo it. It is not even safe to drink tons of shots.

Here is how you can drink safely

  • Eat before drinking alcohol. If your stomach is full, then your body can better process alcohol. Do not drink on an empty stomach. It is not safe.
  • If you want to avoid getting plastered, then pace out your drinks – you can use the Drinkaware drinks calculator to keep track of your alcohol intake
  • Do not accept drinks from strangers
  • Do not mix different kinds of drinks – if you plan to drink wine or beer, you need to stick to one
  • Drink soft drinks or water to keep you hydrated throughout the night
  • Check if your friends are drunk – so check for signs, such as losing balance, blurred vision, slurred speech, etc.
    If one of your friends gets too drunk, get them fresh water and even take them outside to get some fresh air to sober up.