The Attractions Of International Travel

August 16, 2022 0 Comments

You Don’t Have to Break the Bank to Travel

In days gone by international travel was a privilege reserved for the very wealthy. But today the travel landscape is very different. There are many value-for-money options as far as train and air travel are concerned – including some wonderful inclusive packages. There’s also the option to couch surf to save on accommodation expenses. Hitch-hiking is an option for getting around your destination of choice, many people are also combining travel with study – and work. There are also a number of funded programs available. All that is required to take advantage of these opportunities is a proactive mindset – do your research and fill in that paperwork.

Learning is Automatic

Memorising cold, hard facts from a textbook, such as details about historical places or museum collections can prove incredibly boring – and sometimes that knowledge just doesn’t stick. However, if you are actually there the process becomes not only automatic – but also a pleasure. It is far easier for us to learn when we are living an experience – that is only one of the beauties of travel. Cruises in Egypt is a mind-blowing trip to enjoy the natural beauty.

You meet and Learn from Different People

This is probably one of the major reasons that I enjoy travelling. My belief is that people from different nationalities have so much to teach us. They expose us to new beliefs and allow us a glimpse into their culture. There is very little that can compare to making that special connection – and making friends from foreign lands. In addition, it’s incredible to travel to a country and know that your friendship will ema that you have someone to show you the local sites.

You can Sharpen your Language Skills

I study languages – and I believe that the best way to learn a new language – or to speak it like a native is to immerse yourself in the daily lives of those who speak that language. The old saying ‘use it or lose it is perfectly applicable when it comes to language, studying a language is pretty useless if you are not going to make use of it in the real world.

You Become Accustomed to New Environments More Easily

Once you are comfortable in one new environment chances are that you will find it far easier to comfortably cope with local rules – no matter where on Earth you find yourself. Culture shock quickly becomes a distant memory. That experience translates into new confidence even when you return home – what once might have been seen as complex and intimidating when it comes to procedures, rules, and regulations suddenly become less of a challenge.

You Step out of Your Comfort Zone

Things that you might never have considered such as climbing or hiking to a mountain peak, bungee jumping, or cliff diving become part and parcel of your travel experience. What was once seen as frightening, overly challenging, or against some of your ingrained prejudices suddenly becomes commonplace? You take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves when you are abroad, you don’t hesitate or overthink, you grasp every chance to simply enjoy life. The result is that you end up ticking off items on your bucket list at a breakneck pace – and you live life to the fullest.

Your Horizons Expand and you Grow as a Person

This point is the most profound of all – that’s the reason it has been left as a conclusion. It describes a sea change that comes over people when they travel. The more varied your experiences and the more you see, hear, and taste, the greater your appreciation for just how expansive the world is – and just how rich the experiences that it has to offer. Your focus changes to that which is really important. You learn to ignore the small failures – and simply celebrate the wonder. You stop taking yourself (and life) so seriously. This is the most valuable lesson that travelling abroad has taught me.