4 Reasons Why Becoming a HGV Driver Might Be the Perfect Job for You

August 22, 2022 0 Comments

In the United Kingdom, HGV drivers have a significant part in the supply chain of the country as they transport supplies and goods throughout the country, and if anything, the past two years have shown just how integral this sector is to the country’s economy.

Presently, there’s a considerable scarcity of HGV drivers in the United Kingdom – and though this might be bad for consumers, it’s very good news for persons who want to join the HGV driver industry. Currently, there are plenty of HGV driver jobs in the UK, and they are worth searching for because they provide a lot of advantages, including great pay, freedom of making your own hours on the road, and becoming your very own boss.

If you’re thinking about getting into the HGV driving industry. You can also check out an HGV training program for more information on how to be an HGV driver.

Earning potential

Honestly speaking, among the most integral aspects of any occupation is the salary payment – and as an HGV driver, you’ll definitely rack in some decent amount. Although the standard initial salary is at about £20k, the recent driver scarcity has seen salaries increase and demand surges, which means there’s potential to earn considerably more (depending on training and experience). The standard HGV driver’s salary ranges from £30k – £40k but can vary depending on the type of boss. Furthermore, most job tasks have the potential of earning additional incentives and bonuses too!

Job security

There’s always demand for a properly-trained HGV driver – particularly with the ongoing driver deficiency – suggesting you’ll never need to worry about losing your job. And if there’s anything we’ve learnt from Covid-19, is that we live in a very uncertain world, so it’s prudent to take up a profession that provides you with that additional layer of security to safeguard your financial future.


If you’re that sort of individual who cannot fathom the thought of a 9-5 job in a factory or behind a desk, then taking up an HGV driver job may be better suited for you. Everybody has contrasting responsibilities and lifestyles they have to work on, and when you’re an HGV driver, you can decide the number of hours you want to work. Furthermore, a profession in HGV driving provides you with the autonomy to get out and discover other parts of the country, network with different people and gives the freedom to listen to your playlist while driving.


Easy to get into

Getting into the HGV industry is easier and more affordable than you may presume. Obtaining the proper certification to operate an HGV doesn’t need a degree, but you’ll be required to go through and pass several examinations before you are given the go-ahead to drive. First of all, you’ll need to have reached 18 years old or more and possess a category B license. From there, you’ll be required to undergo a medical check-up and make an application for an interim lorry driver’s license. When you’ve done this, you’ll have to sit for a theory and practical exam to acquire your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence requirement.

The entire certification process takes around 8-10 weeks and when you qualify, you are set for the road. The cost of training isn’t pricey either, particularly if you take into account what you could potentially be earning once you’re a fully-fledged HGV driver. What’s more, there are numerous incentives to urge new drivers to enroll so you may not necessarily have to shell out any money.