Applications and Benefits of Drum and Barrel Pumps

Two large oil drums placed side by side
August 17, 2022 0 Comments

When moving liquids from one place to the next, you need a method that is both safe and reliable. Many industries are involved in the transfer of liquids such as acids, harsh chemicals, and even viscous fluids that are reliant on heavy-duty pumps and specialized handling. For the completion of these tasks, technicians are dependent on drum and barrel pumps of high quality.

The unique design of barrel and drum pumps makes them suitable for use in certain applications. In addition, these pumps can increase efficiencies when applied to the following scenarios:

1. Portable Systems

Drum and barrel pumps offer the best solution in the business when applied to portable systems. These pumps are highly versatile and provide unmatched performance when transferring small liquids into a container or even when draining an entire plating tank. Further, these pumps can be applied in any location given their portability.

When moving between areas, you require a lightweight pump. Additionally, you can forget about complex switch gears or high voltage power supplies when working with AC-powered pumps as they can be plugged into any place with a standard power outlet.

It is remarkable how easy these pumps are to use. All you need is to insert the pump’s tube into any liquid and start pumping. When finished, the tube leaves no residue within it. This allows the pump to be clean and ready for the next job.

Drum and barrel pumps are not limited to large plants and manufacturing yards. They also come in handy when transferring chemicals in small batches. For example, fluids can be transferred to a customer’s on-site storage from the drums or even IBCs and totes that are mounted inside a vehicle. The powerful nature and portability of these pumps allow for this versatility.

2. Quick Transfers

High efficiencies and quick turnaround times are valuable metrics in any organization or industry. Drum and barrel pumps come with a high flow and delivery head that can quickly and efficiently transfer liquids anywhere. Therefore, by using these pumps, companies can complete more deliveries in a day, boost their production, and increase their order fulfilment capacity.

Companies can take advantage and improve their operations by leveraging the speed and efficiency that drum and barrel pumps provide.

3. Harsh Chemical Transfers

When dealing with the transfer of harsh chemicals, companies need safe and reliable solutions that reduce handling risks and minimize pump repairs. With the application of drum and barrel pumps, corrosive and acidic fluids can be handled and moved safely without causing any damage to the equipment, personnel, and environment.

In such situations, these pumps are ideal for use in odour control, water and wastewater treatment, chemical distribution, aquariums, electronics, steel processing, and electroplating amongst many other applications.

4. Noise Reduction

Liquid transfer machinery is notorious for disturbing the peace more so in neighbourhood dwellings. However, drum and barrel pumps are designed to offer compact and noise-free capabilities in a portable package.

Where noise levels are a concern, using pumps with variable speed motors helps to reduce the incidences of noise complaints being filed with local authorities.

Final Thoughts

No matter the liquid transfer application in question, drum and barrel pumps are capable of delivering fast, efficient, and noise-free transfers. In addition, they are easy to use and move from one job site to the next.